Breathing treatments, inhalers, nebulizers, humidifiers ?

During the past 6 months dealing with tracheal stenosis, I have done many types of breathing treatments.   I’m going to list out the ones I’ve tried and the results I got.   I’d love to hear from others about what they find works best and what doesn’t.

Nebulizer Treatments with Sodium Bicarbonate 3x day pretty good at night before bed to help cough up mucous…especially in the days after my trachea resection surgery.

Inhalers: Flovent, Combivent, Advair, Albuterol, Primatime Mist….all of these serve to open up my airways when I am under respitory distress. Side effect is they make you gittery, pulse races, cardiac effects. I only use these in emergencies. Noteworthy: Primatime Mist is no longer available as a HFA inhaler, but you can get a mini-nebulizer (battery powered) kit at CVS or local drug store for about $40.  The epinephrine treatment packets come in a box of 50 for about $25. They now call it ASTHMANEFRIN.  This stuff really works quick and will help you breathe if your having immediate issues, but it is like crack cocaine and makes my pulse race and heart beat fast, so only use it when you need to.  Final note on inhalers,  I noticed the prescription Flovent can cause a bothersome oral infection called thrush…so avoid it.

I generally sleep better..but not sure if they actually help healing process after having tracheal resection surgery or a baloon dilation.


Post resection complications

post-op complications after tracheal resectionI am back in the hospital only three weeks after my trachea resection.  Things were going fine until two days ago when I noticed stridor sounds and increased coughing.  Uh oh…was my first thought.  This thing is re-stenosing and I was going to have to get another dilation or worse yet, a re-resection.

So here I am in the ICU at Emory University Hospital Midtown and am being administered strong IV steroids and breathing treatments.  They say I may have a shot of getting discharged tomorrow depending on how it looks when they scope me in the morning. 

UPDATE *** I have a 50% narrowing of my trachea already…the resection failed. I am being admitted to the ICU and they’ve scheduled a dialiton for the morning.

I am actually more scared now than I was before I had the big tracheal resection surgery three weeks ago.  Those doctors at Emory University Otolaryngology assured me a 98% success rate and said patients rarely exhibit re-stenosis.

I followed all my aftercare instructions so I don’t know why this is happening to me. If anyone has any experience like this, please comment. Thanks.